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Late R. Majumder

Late R.Majumder
Founder, MIES

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The great heart had a real vision. Once upon a time he himself was in a Government service. With his lifelong experience, he saw students are hunting for jobs, dreaming for Public sector entry and ultimately being misguided they are escaping out. He was motivated to bring a secured financial development to socioeconomic structure of educated rural people. He meant that students from lower middleclass families have to get government jobs because they don't have the opportunity to go for high-paying-course-end-jobs.

He decided to create a teaching environment which will produce skilled and efficient Government employees in numbers to serve the Nation. He decided this service will bring them back into the right track. The great motivator always encouraged us with his assiduous efforts and dogged determination to grow through this situation. Today at this point, we can feel his ever pouring blessings on us, he is always with us - the very within.

J. Majumder

Mr. J.Majumder
Course Director, MIES

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It brings a great pleasure to me if I could give a proper way-out to the students to build a successful career in the Government employment arena. During my long association with this competitive teaching field for last 3 decades I have seen so many confused students appearing for competitive examinations without proper preparation, proper grooming. After 1-2 attempts when they don't get expected results, they ultimately get demotivated and escape from the battle. Friends, there are Government jobs! Believe me, still there are; and there are so many, even you can choose which one to take. With our 9 Branches(centers) we can facilitate you to have one or many - the way you like. The only thing which I would expect from you in return, is the iron determination where in you will be with an oath to practice in a daily routine as in your school/college days, follow our classes and materials devotedly. Come on students, lets fight and grow together!

We, Autograph, an Institute of Media & Movie, are awfully concerned with and extremely careful of the dire need for contributing preparatory, scholastic, extra-ordinary and practical grooming of our blooming greenhorns. Our communiqué to the Learner: To be outstanding is not an act, but a natural activity. Success, therefore, propelled by commitment, is to consistently upgrade yourself till the cusp is reached. It is a region higher than any one expects of you.

Success is an on-going process evaluated in terms of attainment to an enviable height of wealth, name and fame. Common components of success are passion and will. An individual needs, for success, to be endowed with these attributes. Fantasies are the strongest motivators in this thriving process. When one fancies, one ventures into mind a specific platform for exposure to achieving the goal. The success of this entire process depends upon the flourishing and embellishing of the passion professionally. The dream world of glamour, name, fame, money and success - all can be achieved in the shortest possible period.

F & F - Fortune and Fame are said to be inter dependant. An strong and positive platform, where one initially gets professional grooming by a competent team of faculties with brilliant mind-set, can certainly converge on the 2 Fs.

Autograph is always alert and ever-ready to provide the best possible set of teachers with laurels on their hats and they are known to be the cream of Movie & Media Industry. They teach with professional dexterity, preciseness, diligence and patience. An excellent and informal conducive environment with mind-soothing ambience prevails upon Autograph indoor. The distinguished set-up of Autograph encourages one’s creativity that may bloom any time.

“Clubbed together” – we lay the foundation with all your co-operation and build a structure and do look forward to moving with Autograph to emerge as a “Land mark” in the years to come.

It might be gainful and prudent to be associated with Autograph. Faculty Members of Autograph (AIMM) AIMM has a rich set of full-time outstanding faculty members who have been plucked from a bouquet of famous and experienced personalities from the nation’s leading Cine Media Industries/Organizations. They have already put indelible mark on the modern media world. They with their excellence in teaching and professional acumen shoulder the entire responsibility to enrich the students. We also deploy an adequate number of part-time expert instructors who are attached to some news/mass media organizations. They coach the students with their areas of specialization.

Dignitaries from various fields of education and culture frequently visit AIMM on invitation and deliver their valuable lectures on various subjects like Law, Sociology, Finance, Environment, Art and other related matters encompassing respective Courses.

All the above faculties, instructors and distinguished lecturers take genuine interest and care for individual student’s improvement. Management also always keeps a vigil eye on the quality and standard coaching and up-to-date status of the syllabus. Management is ever - watchful to observe the over-all improvement of individual students.


There is a huge demand to achieve the success in professional life thorough Govt. jobs after the completion of main-stream education from the middle-class students. In West Bengal, average students, go for the examinations conducted by different Govt. Service Commissions and Recruitment Boards. These recruitment procedures are mainly divided into 3 parts - Preli Exam, Main Exam, and Interview. There are even psychological tests are conducted for few posts. But the syllabus is mainly divided into 4 subjects –English, Math, G.I and G.K. In Math syllabus the part of Arithmetic is maximum, but you will also find a few logarithms, algebra, geometry, trigonometry questions in few exams. In Math’s you have to be strong very much methodically so that you could answer for a problem in a least time using our unique shortcut method. In English syllabus you will find so many things based on Grammar & Composition. You also have to know descriptive English writing for the main exams. We prepare students from grammar and vocabulary base to creative writing like school days.

General Knowledge or G.K actually has no proper syllabus. There so many fields or subjects within it. We provide a subject wise objective and descriptive class for every individual field like History, Geography, Economics, Constitution, Science, Arts & Culture, Sports, and Current Affairs by a specialist teacher of that particular subject. G.I have to sections Verbal and Non-Verbal. The verbal part is much easier than the Non-Verbal part. You will get enough strength in Verbal part after a few sessions. The Non-Verbal or the Test of reasoning is harder part and needs serious consistent class efforts along with practice efforts. As you will be facing number of objective questions in a very short period of time for the preli exam you will be trend methodically accordingly. You will be taught highest level shortcut method to save your time in exam-hall.

With highest accuracy level. But for the Main exams, you have to go through descriptive level writing training for all the required subjects. We will continue both objective and descriptive preparations for Preli and Main from the very beginning of your course. Now I will discuss the other facilities which brought us into this rank for last 16 years : (i) Study Material : We have a separate R & D section under Senior and experienced teaching faculties to develop up-to-date high class exams specific study materials. (ii) Library: Students can choose different books of different National and International authors, famous publications of competitive fields and subjects. (iii) Tests: You will have model tests and mock tests similar as service commission exams within the course to increase your efficiency and time management undergoing exam oriented nervous syndromes. (iv) Teaching Faculties: We only empower M.Phil, Ph.D, Ex-University/College Professors, and Ex-Question Setters/Examiners of different Service Commissions to teach in our classes. Even we bring Exam-specific specialist faculty for a particular Exam who has an experience of decades of this typical teaching.

We have been made to be in No.1 position in the field of competitive exams in West Bengal experiencing through last 16 years. In every month, we get number of successful students appearing for different service exams from our all 8 branches. We can ensure your success only if you could provide yourself a good time for preparation and practice regularly in a routine manner like school days and religiously follow our guidance in this very easy but serious process. Come; let's settle a suitable Government job of your choice.

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